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Hi, I’m Ora.

I have a deep love and appreciation for the massage therapy passed down from my grandfather. With this passion, I am committed to creating my own massage clinic as a sanctuary for relaxation and healing. My goal is to provide a space where individuals can find relief from stress, tension, and chronic pain resulting from strenuous work or long-standing muscle issues. By utilizing a blend of massage techniques, I aim to help everyone achieve better health and well-being.

Important things for Massage and Healing


Anatomy and Physiology


Techniques and Modalities 


Holistic Health Principles

Client Assessment 

Ethics and Professional Standards

Skill Sets

Technical Proficiency

alpation Skills


Client Care

Body Mechanics

Time Management

Business Skills


Empathy and Compassion


Mindfulness and Presence

Lifelong Learning




What is Medical Massage?

In massage therapy, a trained, certified medical professional(massage therapist) manipulates the soft tissues of your body-muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin. The massage therapist usus varying degrees of pressure and movement.

Massage is generally considered part of integrative medicine. Medical centers are offering it more and more as a treatment along with standard treatment. It may be used for a wide range of medical conditions.

primary goals

Unconstrict the muscle

Development of healthy fascia

Increase positive energy

healing body and mind

Client Testimonials


Exceptionnel! Ora came with a lot of expertise. She listen to your needs but also the needs you don’t know yet. With her expertise she can mix multiple method and approache the therapy with another level of wholness. After my flight, it was the best way to come back new. Thank you, i highly recommend Ora



A melhor massagem de sempre!! A Ora é super querida e atenciosa, deixem-me dizer que tem umas mãos fantásticas e cuida muito bem do nosso corpo. Sem dúvida que vou voltar, sempre que puder 🤩 obrigada pelo alívio das dores, não sabia que precisava disto até te conhecer.

Madalena Faria

Uma massagem terapêutica e relaxante! Recomendo vivamente a todos os que sofrem o stress do dia a dia. A Ora é muito simpática e profissional e o espaço está muito bem decorado e é muito sossegado. Definitivamente uma experiência para repetir e para oferecer!

Manuel SDias


I had my first Thai massage with Ora today and it was amazing. Firm and therapeutic I recommend the Thai massage with oil and will definitely come back to try the hot stone one. Thank you Ora for a great hour!

Ana Carranza

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